"You are my sunshine" fidget ring

$29.95 $59.95

The Sunflower Anxiety Fidget Ring 🌻 is a unique wearable that helps keep focus and calms your nerves while you're out and about. Experience the therapeutic benefits of this ring, meditative, relaxing, anxiety-reducing, nerve-calming, and focus effects. An excellent choice for those who are constantly fidgeting, tapping, shuffling, or has ADHD. This ring allows you to focus on the task at hand without any distractions. The connection between the user's energy flow and sunflower petals enhances awareness and self-awareness. The sunflower of the ring can be spun smoothly, relieving your stress while remaining stylish and classy with its intricate design. 


  • 2 year quality guarantee. Quality is the most important thing when it comes to gifts since the first impression is so important. That's why we offer a 2 year money back or replacement guarantee on all orders to make sure you feel confident that we stand behind our products.
  • Remind her of your unbreakable bond. Every time she sees the ring, she will be reminded of the unbreakable bond you share.
  • 100% nickel, marks & tarnish free. We’ve developed our own unique silver composition designed to maximize the longevity, strength, shine and durability of our rings. Our silver is shinier, stronger and longer lasting than typical 925 silver & absolutely 100% allergy friendly with no ugly marks.
  • Ring Size: ADJUSTABLE SIZE - One Size Fits All. The rings band is designed slightly open and can be gently adjusted to fit any finger.

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